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There are lots of reasons why a will is one of the documents that every person should have.  Here are 5 of them:

1)  You own real estate.  A will can make your heirs’ lives easier by avoiding the necessity of a “license to sell” from the court, if selling turns out to be necessary.

2)  You own anything in your own name.  A will can specify what is done with anything you die owning in your own name.

3) You own everything jointly with another person.  A will can specify what happens to the property if that person dies, and then you do.

4) You own everything in a trust.  The trust only governs property that has the trust’s name on it.  If you receive an inheritance, or if you die owning something (like a car, perhaps) that is not in the name of the trust, a will can provide your instructions.

5) You want your body to be cremated.  Otherwise, all next of kin will have to approve cremation.




Of course, there are a lot of other reasons why people do wills.   Let me know what I left out, in the comments here , or on Facebook.