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Alas, Billy Beneficiary was disappointed. His fishing buddy, Bobby Trustee, would have been happy enough to serve, but his mother, Tina Trustee, refused to resign.

Billy called his friend, Louie Lawyer, to share the news.

Louie chuckled.  “I thought she might not. I got an answer to my letter, but not from your Aunt. There’s another lawyer involved, Connie Colleague.”

“Oh no!” wailed Billy, “Is she going to sue me?”

“Of course not,” snorted Louie. “Do you think lawyers go around suing people for no reason?’

Billy wisely didn’t answer that one.

After a little silence on the line, his lawyer friend said, “well, don’t you want to know why it’s good that there’s another lawyer?”

“I give up,” said Billy, “Why is that a good thing?”

“It means there is probably more to this than cake. If Tina thinks it’s worthwhile hiring a lawyer, there’s probably more to this than cake. So I went and did a little research. Guess who owns your mother’s house?”

 Again, Billy said “I give up.”

“Tina Trustee, as Trustee for the Piece of Cake Trust.”

“Does that mean I own the house?”

“Not exactly. Does your mother still live there, by the way?”

“My mom and my sister live together. They always did. I don’t want to kick them out.”

“I wasn’t suggesting that.”

Louie Lawyer was in fact a puzzled lawyer. He was beginning not to like this trust, which had seemed to be about nothing but keeping Billy’s cake out of Minnie Moocher’s mouth. Now there seemed to be some real assets at stake, and his client didn’t seem to want to take the situation seriously.