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My article on the thoroughly-modern topic of "Digital Estate Planning" was published in the Metrowest Daily News for today, Sunday, December 2, 2012.  

In the article, I suggest that you consider appointing a co-trustee to serve during your life time.  Most (although not all) of my married clients already have a spouse as co-trustee.

If you are a current client (in planning or in the Annual Maintenance Plan)  and you are a sole trustee of your trust, you might want to consider adding a co-trustee.  To do that, you should call the office and ask for an appointment telephone call to discuss the pros and cons for you of doing that.  We will restate your trust to include the additional trustee at no charge.

If you are a previous client who elected not to be on the annual maintenance plan, a trust retatement will require a new agreement, and at least two in-person meetings, for a total charge of $600.  You will then be eligible for the Annual Maintenance Plan, if you wish it.

The bottom line is that there is no such thing as "Digital Estate Planning."  You either plan your estate or you don't.  If you are thinking of giving someone else your passwords, or writing them down for your heirs to use, think again.  That is not estate planning, it is estate non-planning, and that is asking for trouble.